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  • "Why did I wait 13 years!?!?
    I came to see Dr. Shields for treatment of symptoms I had been experiencing for 13 years, which started after a rollerblading accident.

    I was having weakness on my right side of my body, extreme lower back pain, pain in my right shoulder blade and shoulder, right arm and right hand pain, pain on the left side of my neck, and pain in my joints which, I thought was arthritis. I would also have occasional dizziness and listing to my right.

    My most notable experience during my treatment was the disappearance of my low back pain, my right side is strong again, and the left side of my neck no longer hurts.

    Dr. Shields’ help with the correction of my Atlas has brought me “Total Relief!” I have no joint pain or neck pain!

    Thank you Dr. Shields!"
    April Winder (Aventura, FL)
  • "Complete Relief Instantly

    After almost four years of neck pain, I came to see Dr. Shields for treatment.

    My most notable experience during my treatment was instant relief of my neck pain, and one year later I still feel great!

    My Atlas correction has brought me total and complete relief!

    Thank you Dr. Shields!"
  • "Simple, but Amazing!

    Unable to get relief from my right hand and arm being numb and tingly, I was starting to feel desperate. Having the first episode of numbness almost 3 years ago, I got relief, but I don’t believe it fully resolved.

    In March 2012, it came back full-force. I got minor and minimal relief from traditional chiropractic treatments, but ultimately was told I should consider seeing a neurologist. This was not an option for me.

    As if it was divine intervention, a friend of my mother in NY had recently had an Atlas Orthogonal treatment with incredible results. After a little research and some luck, I was blessed to have found Dr. Vanessa!

    Thanks Dr. V."
  • "I Saw Immediate Results!

    I suffered for several months with neck pain and for many years with low back pain. I also experienced dizziness and eye pressure.

    I came to see Dr. Shields and I saw immediate results; my posture is also better.

    My neck is straight, it doesn’t hurt, and I can feel the blood flowing to my head again!"
    Corey K.
  • "This is my testimonial on how your Atlas procedures have improved my back pain over the last two weeks since coming to your clinic.

    For the last few weeks I have had constant pain in my lower back, upper shoulders and neck areas. I have been seeing various chiropractors including sport specialists for the past 25 years and nothing has worked quite as well as your techniques.

    The initial explanation by you on how this procedure worked was very informative as I had doubts about this procedure. Nothing seemed to work until this effort by yourself with the latest in technology on hand. From the first visit to your office until the last appointment, I have seen significant improvements in all parts of my back including posture. The pain has subsided immensely and has improved my quality of life.

    I wish to thank you for your assistance and appreciate your endeavors to help me.

    P.S. My golf game has also improved-Thank you!"
    Frank Francella
  • "More Focused!

    I came to see Dr. Shields for difficulty focusing at times for 2 years.

    I now feel happier and more secure! The atlas correction has given me lots of relief and I’m better able to stay focused."
    Thomas H.
  • "Outstanding Results!

    I have struggled with back and neck pain for many years, since a rear-end car collision in the 80's. I have worked with several different chiropractors over the past 20 years. Each seems to have a different protocol and approach. Although I have benefited from all of them, Dr. Shields has proven to be the most thorough and effective practitioner I have found. I have gotten the best results from her techniques. She is totally devoted to her patients, and the methods she employes deliver outstanding results. A visit to her office is always a pleasant experience, not an ordeal. I highly recommend Dr. Shields and the Atlas Orthogonal method of Chiropractic."
    Gary Kulla
  • "Wish I found New Life Sooner!

    After having a bad fall on my roller blades two and a half years ago, my health has been on a slow steady decline. Severe headaches, tightness and pain in my neck, dizziness, weakness in arms and legs, difficulty walking, severe fatigue, shortness of breath, hoarseness in my voice, and depression.

    It has been 3 months under Dr. Shields’ care and I am slowly getting my life back! The above symptoms are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and I’m gaining muscle strength that I lost. I wake up happy now instead of waking up in pain and dreading the day.

    The staff at New Life Chiropractic is so compassionate about helping others; it is evident that they truly love what they do. You are never rushed in and out, they take the time to listen and help.

    My ONLY regret is not finding them sooner!

    Thank you Dr. Shields!"
    Lynn Shaw
  • "You Helped Me Walk Again!

    Thank you so much for helping me before I left for South Africa, it meant so much to me.

    I went to two separate specialists and neither of them could help me. You helped me in one day!

    You helped me walk again after three months of being unable to!

    Thank you so much Dr. Shields!"
    Sarah Mock
  • "FINALLY!!!

    No More Neck or Back Pain After 30 Years!

    For almost 30 years, since a bad car accident, I have suffered from bad neck pain, lower back pain and numbness/tingling in my arms.

    Within one visit with Dr. Shields, tingling in my arm lessened.

    Six months later, maintaining my care with Dr. Shields, I am a new and improved woman. The numbness is gone.

    I feel so much better.

    Having the Atlas correction has improved my neck and back pain more than almost 25 years of Traditional Chiropractic.

    Dr. V is amazing - my hero!""
    Karen Newman
  • "Am Completely in AWE of the Results!

    I brought my son in for an injury he sustained in a car accident, what I didn’t know is that I was walking out a patient as well! I’ve been getting manual adjustments for some time now and I would always get headaches in the days to follow. Once I saw the video playing in Dr. Shields’ office I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a shot.

    I am completely in awe of the results that followed. I actually feel more alert, energized, and healthy than I’ve been in a very long time. What an amazing approach! How are there not more of these doctors around?"
    Glen Sime Sr.
  • "My Pains Have ALL Disappeared!!!

    I would like to thank you for how wonderful I now feel after being treated by you for Lower back pain, Sciatica and Neck pains.

    I first came to visit you on 11/24/08 and after three months of treatment, my pains have all disappeared!

    Thank you Dr. Vanessa!"
    J. Basch
  • "Traditional medicine does not give you many options

    In March 2010 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in the lungs. I had a bad pain in my chest that sometimes I could not tolerate and often would not let me sleep. Several times I ended up visiting the emergency room, got a treatment that was slow to take effect, and soon I would feel bad again. Traditional medicine does not give you many options for the treatment of this disease, if you are in very, very bad shape, they’ll give you a cortisone pill and you must endure the side effects.

    I searched and searched until I found a book online, Sarcoidosis Remission Aden Protocol-written by Danielle May. I read the book, but still lost, all that seemed impossible to apply. Then I visited Dr. Vanessa Shields, who had the patience to study and understand the book for me. I started a holistic treatment: aligning the Atlas with sound waves, natural whole food supplements and supplements listed in the book."
    L. Ramirez

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